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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best Physiology books for MBBS 1st and 2nd year..

Now i am telling you about best books on physiology, Physiology has been my most favorite subject and still i consult my physiology book to clear concepts.

There are two approaches, average student approach and classic approach :

Average student: read Guyton and Hall's physiology and keep Baby guyton and Firdaus with you for quick revision. thats it!! most of the students follow this and many of them even take good marks.

Classic approach: its my personal opinion and i followed this pattern, first complete the topic you want to do from BRS Physiology review, this will give you an idea and grasp on primary concepts of that topic, than do it from baby Guyton, (no need for the big text book, blieve me!!) than read Ganong Physiology review as much you can, for review i recommend, Firdaus and baby Guyton!! This approach is quite time taking but much more fruitful!

N.B: don't forget that 95% of students follow average pattern and remain successful!

Try to grasp concepts despite of mere memorization, remember :

1) Physiology is the basis of Pathology and Pharmacology in 3rd and 4th year and ultimately if your pathology is good your medicine will eventually be great.

2) Never take Physiology difficult and boring, just give it some time and i assure you its interesting.

3) Never Hesitate to take assistance from your teacher and from bigger text books for the sake of building nice concepts.

I wish u all the best & lemme know if there are any queries :-)
Final request is to please spread this site among your friends and send me suggestion for improvemen, feel free to comment.
cheers and have Fun while you study ;-)
Dr. Wahaj